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Fumigation of apartments & houses

Fumigation of apartments and houses, cleansing of homes

Since the time humans are lighting fires, we have been fumigating, be it in connection with religious/shamanic rituals or in healing ceremonies. The fragrance of herbs and resins have always produced a sense of wellbeing in human beings.

Don’t we all know the feeling of uneasiness when we are in a room that seems to be loaded with negativity and hinders a free and deep breathing?

Fumigation is always helpful and beneficial in clearing negative energies and vibrations such as:

  • Stemming from former inhabitants
  • Negative incidents
  • Illnesses  and diseases
  • Quarrels and fights (i.e. separations, divorces)
  • Mourning, fear, desperation
  • Negative thoughts and energies from visitors
  • Unredeemed spirits

After the fumigation you will feel a new and invigorating energy in your home which will have a beneficial influence on:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Restlessness
  • Problems to concentrate
  • Loneliness
  • Feeling chilly and/or cold

Usually I fumigate with frankincense or myrtle and on special request with ointments.

Frankincense and myrtle are costly resins the price of which was weighed in gold in the antiquity and thus only rich people like kings and dignitaries could afford them.

Sage is mostly used by the original inhabitants of the Americas. Native Americans use it also in their sweat lodges.

Cleansing through fumigation often leads to a better connection with the Life Energy (the Universe, All that is)


ca. 60 minutes

CHF 100.00 per hour
(within Basel)

The final cost depends on time spent for the fumigation (incl. preliminary & subsequently consulting).

For destinations further away an additional fee, depending on the distance, will be charged


++41 (0)61 301 62 33


Appointment after agreement